Meet the Doc

Shari C. Silverman, VMD, provides veterinary exercise and rehabilitation consultations along with supplemental therapeutic medical practices to serve as a complement to traditional western-based veterinary healthcare.  For an injured horse, chronically painful horse, or equine athlete, these treatment plans and wellness programs including acupuncture, spinal manipulation, laser therapy, and myofascial release, restore structural integrity and equilibrium allowing the body to better preserve health, or in cases of injury or illness, heal itself.  The concepts are simple – good horse management leads to a healthier, happier, sounder horse.

Dr. Silverman is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School of Medicine and Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians in Colorado.  She has also taken courses in Equine Postural Rehabilitation and Equine Spinal Manipulation. Her practices are based on research and fact based medical techniques blending a scientific modern approach with the ancient medical practice developed centuries ago in China.

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All consultations and treatments are by appointment.

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