Simply Sound Philosophy

When a horse is lame, an owner knows that the horse needs treatment for its discomfort. Likewise, a horse may be clinically sound but still have sore points throughout the body that are affecting and inhibiting its performance results. 

A horse that is free from injury, damage, defect, disease, etc. is a healthy, sound horse.  By balancing the fundamental requirements of equine well being – nutrition, performance, comfort and healthcare — horses become stronger, heartier, and more competitive in their athletic endeavors; in other words, a simply sound horse.

The benefits to the horse: improved equine performance, better athletic maintenance, inclusion as part of a regular health program to prevent injury and promote longevity, rehabilitation from an injury, determination if behavioral or training issues are pain related, relief of a sore neck or back, and relief from chronic hoof pain.

I hope this website provides you with helpful information in keeping your horse simply sound!

Shari Silverman VMD

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